My Men’s Health Makeover…


Back in January, I met met with a former colleague of mine for drinks, and we were chatting. The conversation naturally drifted towards how there was this one person in her office who she thought was someone I would like – because we pretty much had similar interests according to our social media habits.

She then shared a comedic story about how he got roped into their monthly makeover feature within her work’s publication – Men’s Health.

She said he had been reluctant but once he got involved, and once the process was complete the pictures from the makeover were everywhere over his social media.

Also, they were actually looking for more people to get involved.

I had said sure I was keen, because I had never done something like that, and besides it would be fun to get involved. I had always done things a particular way, and the makeover would afford me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and let the chips fall where they may.


The friend in question, who got me involved.

I’m not going to lie, the idea of handing over control over what people do with my hair and beard was a little frightening, but it was all part of my plan to try new things.

My friend had told me though that should I get involved, I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair and just had to let everything grow.

My goodness, my hair was already long but it grew into a min-fro and my beard grew scratchy.

It was soo difficult, and I looked haggard you guys.  It was so rough.


We had email communications back and forth, but I had really thought that they had forgotten about me, because it gotten to the point where I was about to lose my mind and just cut everything off.

Come to the end of March, after weeks of emailing, they got in touch and set a tentative date for my makeover.

I suddenly got very nervous.

They asked me if I was okay to let them do whatever with my beard and hair, and I was just like – ooookay, sure.

Then I got an email asking me to visit their offices because they wanted me to come in, and see what look they wanted to style me in.

I went to their offices, and the Fashion Editor guy was really interested in making sure that they found the right look for me. I was all like: “Sure dude, whatever you want,” but for him he found it very important that they dress me up in a way that suited what I did, and also find me something that I would wear.

I must say I appreciated that, and I have a lot of respect for what he does, because you can’t help appreciate when people take what they do seriously.

So…I was at their offices, looking so rough while they tried to find me a look.

I must say, I could see that they were a little worried about what they got themselves into because I had just looked so rough.

After the fitting, they told me that my makeover would happen the following week and that I was to meet them at a local hair salon in the vicinity.

I had pretty much then just put the whole thing out of my mind until the day of.

I explained to my bosses that I had a prior engagement that I had to go to, and they were gracious enough to allow me the freedom to go.

Granted, it was something that had been coming since January, but still they could have said no, and then my makeover would have come to an abrupt end (so if any of you are reading this, Thank You).

I got really anxious in the car ride to the hair salon, and also I was running a little late, but I ended up at the place, met the Men’s Health Fashion Editor, and so began the process.

The look on the barber’s face at the hair salon when we met was something that I also found comedic, because he just realized, like “Oh, this is the guy I gotta work on”.

The Fashion Editor, then showed him a pic of what he wanted my hair to look like and then we got underway.

The looks on their faces as a attractive man started emerging out from the hair was a delight for me.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.31.46 PM

I’m a naturally awkward individual so the process was a exciting experience, but beside that, I’m also a naturally shy person, so my first inclination is usually to just stay reserved and suss things out.

The look of surprise on the faces of those as my final look started emerging was such a delight. When all was said and done, I barely recognized myself which was a trippy experience.

I was looking in the mirror but it took me a while to connect that I was staring at myself.

It was so different walking out of the hair salon, because I felt self-conscious, and I noticed that people were looking at me. I usually don’t toot my own horn, but they were looking at me because I looked hot.

We headed over to a really nice restaurant close to my work where the second part of my makeover would take place… the photoshoot.

We got there, and a lovely British make-up artist chatted to me while applying foundation and getting me prepped before I changed into the look that I was being styled for.

It felt wonderful just getting to do something fun and model in front on the camera. I love to do it if I’m being honest, because I’ve done it once or twice for a friend, and you just get move around and be the centre of attention for a little bit.


My previous photoshoot attempt.

I don’t always like being the centre of attention, but it’s not a bad thing to experience every once in a while.

When all was said and done, I quickly got changed back into my normal clothes, said farewell and had to pop into my office.

I had never seen so many gobsmacked looks than the moment I walked into the building after my makeover. The loud gasps and cheers, made me blush, but it was also very nice to elicit such a responce from the people around me.

I remember one of the comments that made me laugh was from a gay colleague who say sits opposite me, and he said “My god, you look fuckable.”

Everyone seemed to agree (to varying degrees) and mostly just said that I kind had no option but to keep the look, and honestly I will. Not because of their responces, but mostly because of how the look made me feel about myself.

It made me look at myself differently, and if you know me, you should know that I enjoy being able to look at myself and analyse my behaviour from a different perspective, because I believe you can never do too much introspection and self-reflection.


So thank you Men’s Health, the makeover was a job well done and a surrounding success…now, I just gotta make sure I stick to the tips and tricks that I learned.


Theo. Over and Out.


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