Power Rangers – Movie Review

Plot: Five teens unwittingly find themselves tasked with defending the universe when they inadvertently unlock the powers of a spaceship buried for thirty five million years.



Go Go Power Rangers! Talk about a Mighty Morphing time had at the movies.
I was fortunate enough to attend the press screening, and I say fortunate because my scheduled so packed that day that it was miracle that I got to the screening.
The new Power Rangers film is better than it had any right to be, and it is such a fun experience.
I was a big fan of the Power Rangers when I was younger and I tried to watch it as often as what I could. Unfortunately I missed out a few seasons, but whenever it was on, I would repeatedly find myself sitting in front of the TV getting caught up in the action, the angst and difficulty in being teenage superheroes.

The new movie hits on all of those notes, but does so in a modern way.
The new era of Power Rangers aren’t goody two shoes, but rather good-hearted kids who make mistakes and aren’t always perfect. They make mistakes and have challenging home lives or facing challenges that they can’t speak openly about.
By removing the squeaky clean image of what we knew about the Power Rangers, it automatically gave the writers the ability to craft three dimensional characters, and for them to have done that with almost all of the Rangers in such a short time is a massive achievement.

The film took risks in terms of character portrayals, and plot points, and witnessing that was exciting as a viewer as it gave the film a sense of individuality.
What I really enjoyed about the film is that when the Rangers do come together initially, it’s a coincidence, and felt natural. These are a group of teenagers who have detention together, and forcing them to become friends and bond too soon would have felt ingenuous but instead the movie uses that as a plot point.trinipowerrangers

Also what added to my enjoyment of the film was the use of a diverse cast, which was really something to behold. So many young children will get to see themselves represented as heroes on the screen and that is so exciting.

Not only that, but also children who differ from the norm. I would go into more details here, but I don’t want to reveal anything because part of the fun was discovering it for the first time on the screen without it being spoiled.

Elizabeth Banks was so good as Rita Repulsa, and I will confirm the theory that she was originally the green who then went bad.

This fact is revealed within the first few minutes of the film, and honestly it adds a wonderful dimension to her villain knowing that she used to be one of the good guys.


POWER RANGERS (2017) Trini the Yellow Ranger (Becky G) and Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks)

Bryan Cranston and Bill Hader were really entertaining as Zordon and Alpha 5 respectfully. While Hader’s character is for comedic effect, Cranston’s character, Zordon, is a little more serious.

His character was originally this wise advice giving computer in the series however in the movie he is far more interesting with a intricate back-story. His motives are not without thought.

One of the reasons the movie is so good is because it knows how silly and outlandish the plot is, and doesn’t try to take itself too serious. The film knows exactly what it is, and in doing so, it allows itself to really play up its cheesy aspects.

The comedy in the film works so well. It really helps the movie not get too bogged down in the seriousness.

The movie isn’t without its flaws – the look of Goldar was seen within the trailer isn’t perfect with the monster that the rangers have to battle being a faceless villain.


Also the scenes where the rangers are battling Rita’s Putty’s for the first time use a lot of CGI, and my only gripe is that the fighting scenes could have been made to look more practical.

Given that fight scenes in films are evolving and we’re getting better action, it means that we often now judge action scenes while having seen better. While not bad, they could have put in more effort.

If you’ve seen the gritty fan film, then you will also notice a few similarities which aren’t a bad thing. It definitely gives better understanding as to why there were plans for a lawsuit against that film.

The Power Rangers movie knows exactly when to pay homage to its original history with the theme song and catch phrases being used are moments when they can pack the biggest punch, and have those of us who grew up with the Power Rangers geeking out.

The new Power Rangers movie is a definite must see, it is fun, humorous and tells a story worth being seen, especially if you are a fan of the original series.

There is a mid-credits scene which is worth sticking around for, and it definitely sets up the introduction for the sequel, which I hope there will be. This movie is really fun and enjoyable that it deserves a sequel.


Lionsgate/Summit took the time to properly setup the first film, and with alleged six film movie plan in place, it makes sense. So long as they keep taking risks and pushing the story into new territory without going overboard like the Transformer movie series did, then I’m certainly going to be coming back and repeatedly watch these films.

Theo. Over and Out


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