Season of Love: Megan and Ryan

I know Valentines Day and the month of love always gets a bit of a bad rap for being a commercial marketing day to get couples to spend money, but that angle of it aside, I thought it was important to tackle the honesty of romance.

I put up a post asking for people to share their stories of how they met their partner, and this is what they had to say.

Meghan and Ryan:


So I came to the US in October and spent a month in New York City before moving to Minnesota.

I had arrived there the Saturday and then the Sunday I had gone to Starbucks.

After ordering a coffee Ryan came up to me and asked where I was from and I told him from South Africa.

He was super intrigued and so we sat down with our coffees and spoke for what felt like hours. We spoke about everything from religion to politics to art and tattoos.

We hit it off instantly and that’s when he asked me to go with him to dinner the next night.

We exchanged numbers and spoke non stop till about 3am that morning.

The next night I met him for dinner and we once again never stopped talking. It felt like we had known each other for years, corny I know.

So after dinner I went to the bathroom and he said he would wait for me.

When I came back out he was nowhere to be seen. I walked back to where our table was, walked back to the front of the restaurant and then outside and still couldn’t find him.

As I was about to text him thinking he had ditched me he came walking out the bathroom 😂 and after that the rest is history.

Now we are married.

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