Season of Love: Monique and Bertram

I know Valentines Day and the month of love always gets a bit of a bad rap for being a commercial marketing day to get couples to spend money, but that angle of it aside, I thought it was important to tackle the honesty of romance.

I put up a post asking for people to share their stories of how they met their partner, and this is what they had to say.

Monique and Bertram:


Bertram and I met in 2014 at OR Tambo International Airport.

We were both in the Media24 graduate program and had to go to Johannesburg for a month of training.

At that stage we had never met, so we didn’t know when we were standing next to each other at the airport in Joburg waiting for our luggage, that we would end up falling in love…

When I saw him the first time I thought he’s quite cute, but because I had a boyfriend at that time I didn’t give it another thought.

Bertram was clearly checking me out though haha.

He quickly offered to get my huge ass suitcase off the baggage carousel when he saw me struggling (what a gentleman), we exchanged smiles and I said thank you. When I noticed familiar faces from the graduate group heading towards the exit, I gave him another quick smile before leaving to join them.

We got into a taxi and one girl, an intern at the same newspaper where Bertram had been interning as a photographer, asked “Waar is Bertram?” – “Where is Bertram?”

None of us knew who Bertram was, or what he looked like, so we simply shrugged and figured he probably didn’t come. None of us knew that we had left Bertram at the airport while he was dealing with lost luggage!

Bertram eventually arrived at the guesthouse later that evening, quite angry because the airline had lost his luggage and because he we had left the airport without him (oops).

We laughed about having been next to each other without realising it, and soon became good friends. He was the perfect gentleman though, knowing I had a boyfriend. I ended up breaking up with the guy soon after the Joburg trip for reasons that had nothing to do with Bertram.


We started dating a few months later and we’ve been carrying each other’s baggage ever since 🙂


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