Season of Love: Chloe and Julian

I know Valentines Day and the month of love always gets a bit of a bad rap for being a commercial marketing day to get couples to spend money, but that angle of it aside, I thought it was important to tackle the honesty of romance.

I put up a post asking for people to share their stories of how they met their partner, and this is what they had to say.

Chloe and Julian:


So the basic story of how we met is a bit boring.

We were in the same classes in First Year for Politics, History and English, and he sat next to me often because we both sat with Caitlin (who I had met the December before first year at a friend’s farewell – so when I saw her in class I just sort of decided to sit with her, and who knew Julian was like a friend of a friend of a friend).

At first I didn’t think much of him, because he’s really quite shy and quiet, but then I developed a MASSIVE crush on him, which I fervently denied when anyone asked about it.

Basically, we sometimes hung out before/after class when we had breaks, so I got to know his personality more, and I think he felt quite comfortable with me quite quickly, because he often isn’t as wacky and quirky with new people as he was with me.

I’m so glad that he feels like he can be his massive weirdo self in front of me, and that he felt that so early on in our friendship (because he is so sweet and goofy and funny and not a lot of people get to see that side of him).

I figured out I had a crush on him when we were chatting on Facebook one day, and he made some stupid joke, and I thought ‘wow, I really like this dude’ – and then every potential partner type person I met after that, I compared them to him.

I tried not to really focus on it, because of the age difference, and because I had never dated anyone before so I was a bit freaked out (read: massively freaked out), also I didn’t want to fuck with our friendship.

Then he started dating someone else briefly, and I was so so upset (and then all my friends were like ‘duh, it’s because you like him you goober’).

Then, in the December of first year (after we had both gone to our mutual friends are were all angsty about how we liked each other, and they were like ‘just go for it! What could go wrong’ but didn’t tell either of us that the other was also feeling the same way!) he asked me out for a catch up coffee, and then to come over for dinner.

We had dinner, and watched Black Books, and then I was all ‘cheerio, thanks for a good evening’ and he had to stop me and be like ‘listen, I have feelings for you, and I was wondering how you felt about me’ to which I responded with the double thumbs up and a hasty response.


Three incredibly awkward months followed, but then we properly settled into dating, and now, five years later, here we are.


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