The Jazz Fest – POWER TO MOJO

So not even a month into my work experience, and the Mojo team (mobile journalists) were assigned the task of covering a huge event – The Cape Town International Jazz Festival.
It all started with the arrival of strangers from Durban and Joburg in our tinny little room, who would go on to be really awesome people who I learned a lot from and shared one of the most exciting experiences of my life with.
There was the fun times at the hotel (man that buffet breakfast was life)

Then there was the work of covering the events…
My awkward dancing at Beatenberg…(Don’t judge)
My favourite performance (though I am biased because I’m a fan)

Then the fun times of just messing around together…

All kidding aside there were a plethora of moments when we were working really hard. If you want to see exactly how hard we worked, then visit our website or our twitter @mojoIOL.

All the blood sweat and tears that went into accomplishing everything we did was worth it because it was really a huge learning experience that forced a group of strangers to work together and, in my opinion, we crossed the finish line better for it.

 Power to Mojo.

Theo. Over and Out.


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